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Beautiful Online Shopping

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

Just spotted ShoeGuru, an online shoe store that has one of the nicest interfaces I have seen for shopping online. The site features a beautiful, subtle backdrop for really nice images of the products. The list view has only the essential information: the image of the shoe, the price, and the name of the model. The display isn’t burdened with categories, item numbers, reviews, ratings, “digg this”, and all of the other things that typically compete for your shopping attention.

The individual product detail page is even better showing a large photo of the shoe. The description, pricing and cart tools fade into the background, though still readable, making the shoe image really stand out.

Sure, this solution might not work for a company with significantly more or diverse products. But it is a great solution for what it is and a compelling offering of a great looking line of shoes.

Oklahoma City NBA Logo Update

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

As I wrote previously, ESPN page 2 writer, Paul Lukas, recently proposed a contest to design the uniforms for Oklahoma City’s yet unnamed NBA basketball franchise. I immedially whipped up a concept based on a little spoof piece I had done a few days earlier. The results were posted to today along with a nice mention of my entry. You can see it and the full list here in Lukas’s column:

Meet the Oklahoma City uni finalists

Vintage Christmas Cards

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

I found these great vintage Christmas cards in some things my dad sent me when he moved out of his house in Wisconsin.

They are in a neat decorative box, complete with envelopes. The set features a few different designs of wintry scenes in a watercolor style complete with a shiny gold stripe at the bottom. The message inside wishes the recipient an “old fashioned Merry Christmas…”. I think it’s cool that these were meant to look old fashioned years ago when they were made.

I’m going to try to convince Holly to let us sent some of these out next Christmas — I think they’re wonderful.

The NBA Comes to Oklahoma City

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Oklahoma City is a buzz this morning with the news that we’ve finally landed our own NBA franchise. Within hours of the announcement this leaked image showing the new team name and mascot was discovered:

That’s right the new team will be called the “Oklahoma City I Love this Basketball Team!”s. In a snippet from the press release leaked with the image, I Love this Basketball Team owner, Clay Bennett commented on the selection of Oklahoma celebrity Toby Keith as the team’s mascot:

“Toby is a local legend. With his love of chest hair and barbeque, Toby represents the hopes and dreams of Oklahomans and, indeed all Americans. I can’t think of a more meaty face to represent what is sure to be America’s team.”Clay Bennett, owner, Oklahoma City I Love this Basketball Team!

Blockbuster Online

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

I’ve been a Blockbuster Online subscriber since the early days of the service. It hasn’t been perfect but does offer a good value and decent selection. The recently added in-store exchange was a nice touch, adding a lot of new value without raising prices. That’s almost unheard of these days.
Blockbuster notice
For those of you unaware, Blockbuster has a variety of plans that offer x number of movies out at a time for one monthly fee. Much like Netflix, you choose movies using web app, creating a queue of movies you’d like to see. They ship you 2 or 3, you watch them and mail them back and they ship you more. About a year ago they added the ability to return the movies in one of their retail store AND take an equal number of movies home with you right then. Not only did this save time in mailing the movies back, but it also did not count against your online plan so you still got your 3 movies in the mail a couple of days later. Free movie rentals. Awesome!

A few days ago as I browsed my queue, a lightbox-style modal dialog popped up in my browser. It seems the online system was now more tightly integrated with the retail stores which noticed that I had already rented a movie that was in my queue and offered to automatically remove it. Nice touch. It’s nice to see a web app with such a helpful feature.

Feed: burned.

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Those of you who subscribe to my RSS feed (both of you) are about to notice a change. A few weeks ago I stopped splicing in my links and Flickr photo feeds so all you’ve been seeing is the woefully inactive blog feed. The reason? Jaiku. Jaiku is the best solution I’ve found to address my long-standing desire to offer a really comprehensive JasonFeedâ„¢.

At it’s core, Jaiku is a twitter-like app that allows for short IM-like blog posts. But the real beauty is it’s capability to read and splice most any RSS feed into your personal stream. And I might add, it does a marvelous job of auto-discovering these feeds. All you have to do is point Jaiku to a URL and it will find any associated feeds. Very slick. So the end result is a combined feed showing a large portion of my online activity. If you want to know what Jason is doing online (not sure why you would) you can see it all on Jaiku. The feed combines my Jaikus, tweets, blog posts, tracks, mog tracks, upcoming events, Flickr photos, and my links from and digg. Its everything!

So tonight, I replaced my blog feed with the combined feed. This should show a lot more activity and really better represent me. If it gets to be too much, though you can still get the classic blog-only feed here.