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Beautiful Online Shopping

Just spotted ShoeGuru, an online shoe store that has one of the nicest interfaces I have seen for shopping online. The site features a beautiful, subtle backdrop for really nice images of the products. The list view has only the essential information: the image of the shoe, the price, and the name of the model. The display isn’t burdened with categories, item numbers, reviews, ratings, “digg this”, and all of the other things that typically compete for your shopping attention.

The individual product detail page is even better showing a large photo of the shoe. The description, pricing and cart tools fade into the background, though still readable, making the shoe image really stand out.

Sure, this solution might not work for a company with significantly more or diverse products. But it is a great solution for what it is and a compelling offering of a great looking line of shoes.

6 Responses to “Beautiful Online Shopping”

  1. Erin Carter Says:

    Good find and post. I’ve run across a couple of really nice product sites like this lately. It’s nice to see such a strong design in a non-flash piece. Seems like so many of the well designed product/commerce type sites are ruined with some overly interactive flash. I say that however I still believe there’s a time and place for it. My current favorite is the custom bike creator on the IRO Cycle website ( Perfect use of flash and interactivity.

  2. Travis Says:

    I’m with you Jason. That site is very well designed. Simple and to the point. I think that they executed it perfectly. Although it may not be for every company site selling a product, it does show that your site for selling a product doesn’t have to be way to complicated.

  3. Erin Carter Says:

    guess the concept(s) are grabbing other people’s attention too. Smashing Magazine just released a blog about it (actually covering your find).

  4. JZ Says:

    Nice find, Erin. As usual, Smashing Mag delivers the goods. It’s great to see people doing interesting things with online stores again. It seems like 1999 was the last time I saw anything that didn’t look like a crappy off the shelf store package.

  5. Brianna Lee Says:

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  6. shopping spree soulja boy Says:

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