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The NBA Comes to Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is a buzz this morning with the news that we’ve finally landed our own NBA franchise. Within hours of the announcement this leaked image showing the new team name and mascot was discovered:

That’s right the new team will be called the “Oklahoma City I Love this Basketball Team!”s. In a snippet from the press release leaked with the image, I Love this Basketball Team owner, Clay Bennett commented on the selection of Oklahoma celebrity Toby Keith as the team’s mascot:

“Toby is a local legend. With his love of chest hair and barbeque, Toby represents the hopes and dreams of Oklahomans and, indeed all Americans. I can’t think of a more meaty face to represent what is sure to be America’s team.”Clay Bennett, owner, Oklahoma City I Love this Basketball Team!

25 Responses to “The NBA Comes to Oklahoma City”

  1. Micah Says:

    This a joke? I love Toby Keith as much as anyone, and I knew that OKC was supposed to be landing the Sonics, but surely we’re not calling them this. T.K. is a legend for now. What are we gonna do in 3 generations when nobody knows who he is?

  2. Matt Williamson Says:

    LOL – beautiful logo, I *almost* with this was true…

  3. ElmoFromOK Says:

    for the win


  4. Chad J Says:

    This is wonderful. He is an Oklahoma legend and a true American Patriot! What an honor to have him as our logo and right before July 4th. What great timing! I love seeing him on the football fields. Too bad for Garth Brooks. If he would’ve had a restaurant and be on the OU field maybe we could have named it after him. Those are good colors too. I was hoping OKC wouldn’t mess this up and they surely didn’t. Way to go OKC and way to go Toby Keith.

  5. JB Says:

    Micah, LOL I can’t believe you think this is real. Jason, Great Job

  6. Andrea Decker Says:

    And what is more Oklahoma than the love of chest hair and bbq?

  7. Granata Says:

    Looks like he has a dip in.

  8. JZ Says:

    @Granata – does he come any other way?

  9. pi_zanadu Says:

    Cute, very cute. Me like.

  10. Jan Says:

    Egads. Don’t scare us like that!

  11. Hunter Says:

    I’d like it better if we were the Chuck Norris’

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  17. digglit Says:

    oklahoma city local newsThe NBA Comes to Oklahoma City

  18. clif Says:


    way to go, loved it.

  19. Jake Says:

    If you’re gonna make the team name about Toby Keith why don’t you call the team the “Oklahoma City Annoying Ford Commercials” or the “Oklahoma City Rednecks.”

  20. Jake Says:

    If you’re going to name the team after Toby Keith, you should name them the “Oklahoma City Annoying Ford Commercials” or the “OKC Rednecks.”

  21. Foil Says:

    This name will be the best thing ever in the whole wide world.

  22. Brad Says:

    I think this would be a great ad campaign for the team. Certainly the team name and logo wouldn’t go over with everyone, but I could se ehim being a great first spokesperson. They could have a Toby Keith night.

    P.S. I hate Clay Bennett. I hope you guys set a record for losses in a season. But congrats on the team.

  23. Joshua Says:

    Toby Keith is nothing to be proud of for Oklahoma. He is a very rude person when you see him in public. He doesnt contribute to any special organizations and he plans on turning our great country side into golf courses and restaraunts…Not to mention the embarassment he brings with his upcoming acting attempts. This is just plain stupid and anyone that agrees that this is a good idea in anyway is the kind of person you see on the news after a trailor gets hit by a wild storm or a domestic dispute

  24. JZ Says:

    Hehe, relax, Joshua. This is all just a bit of satire. Of course the team will not actually be named after Mr. Keith. All in good fun, man.

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