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MODIS Rapid Response System

I discovered the MODIS Rapid Response System as Hurricane Isabel hit the US East Coast last month and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites on the web.

The site features the output of a land-mapping satellite that is primarily concerned with surface anomalies that can be detected from space such as weather and fires. The images posted on the site are extremely beautiful and detailed — all the way down to 250M per pixel! Pictures of Hurricane Isabel showed just how massive the swirling storm was and I was particularly amazed at the transparency of the water from space as you could see submerged landmasses and the general variations in the depth of the water.

Today I have been viewing pictures of the massive plumes of smoke stretching out over the Pacific Ocean from southern California. If you have the appropriate software that will let you view the pixels 1 to 1, I highly recommend that you download one of the massive 250M images and marvel at the detail. Zoom into a major city area and you can see the cold concrete metropolis. Fascinating.

Take a look at these images:

Hurricane Issabel | San Diego Fires

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